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Designed by stunt professionals

Keeping ourselves and others save has always been the key focus of Xion PG. With over two decades of experience with performing stunts, martial arts and screen combats, we believe that we have found THE solution for professionals with flexible, high impact reductive and low profile body protection.

The quality of our protection for stunts

Our protection for stunts can be worn covertly under any costume for actors, stage and screen performers and artists. It is light, flexible and gives you the feeling of freedom while being securely protected. Our Xioneers tell you exactly why they choose our body protection.

“Finally..! A set of stunt pads that won’t make me look like Frankenstein… Being a bigger guy, even the slimmest motocross, BMX, or snowboard pads still make me look like a freak.” - Tanoai Reed (know for his work on ‘Fast & Furious’, ‘Hercules, ‘The Avengers’ and many more).

Order stunt protection at Xion® Protective Gear

Are you ready to place your first order at Xion® Protective Gear? All our products are packed at our head office and sent all over the world via DHL. We prepare your order right here in Amsterdam by adding the D3O® Pads to your new gear so you are instantly set to stunt safely!

Our stunt protection is designed and focused on keeping people safe within the stunt market. From Hollywood to Bollywood, renowned stunt professionals, coordinators, actors and costume departments worldwide already embraced Xion® Protective Gear. Are you next?