Body armour for extreme sports

From the start, we as Xion® had one mission: design and manufacture the best body impact protection in the world for stunt professionals. But we soon realised that our gear was not only suitable as protective gear for stunts but also for extreme sports! View the most favourite items of our ambassadors below and select your gear for the future!

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Protective gear for extreme sports

You know what the say...: “Face your fear”. Well, you guys know exactly how to do that! You seak your fears and you surpass them. But by doing so you also understand that everything you perform has its degree of risk. Whether it is high speed, hights, or (for many unperceivable) physical exertion.

What we believe at Xion

We believe that when extreme is your passion, your drive and your motivation to face your fear, you should perform it! But… We also believe that you should do it safely. Maybe you are performing the craziest tricks while skiing or snowboarding or you are killing it with your motorbike. We just want to make sure you are well protected.

“I’m really stoked with the gear. The jacket fits very good and considering the amount of protection, it doesn’t hinder movement and agility noticeably. Well done! ” - Staffan Holmström (Profession: base jumper).

Ready to go extreme?

Don’t hesitate about being safe! Make sure you fly, drive, jump, run and climb safe - whenever and wherever! We prepare your gear right here at our head office in Amsterdam and send it all over the world. We will make sure you are all set and ready to go.