Motorcycle armor – EN-1621-1 & EN-1621-2 protection

From the start of Xion® Protective Gear we knew that we wanted to protect stuntmen and -women, but also other markets where protection is important such as motorcycling. With the introduction of the Longsleeve Jacket Wheels, our goal has been to offer motorcyclist protective gear that is comfortable and feels safe at the same time.  Xion® products for motorcyclist comply with the EN-1621 Motorcycling Standard. Issued with D3o® EN-1621-level 1 limb protection and a choice of EN-1621-level 2 back protection.

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How to protect motorcyclist without taking the fun away?

It is always the internal conflict: to be safe and feel heave or to feel comfortable but not safe… Luckily with our new Wheels Range this is all in the past now! We made sure that our body protection feels like a second skin: easy to wear, comfortable and extremely light!

“Xion is the “non plus ultra” for me in every way! It allows me to perform my freestyle tricks on my bike whilst keeping me safe from possible falls. I’m completely in love with my Xion stunt suit and will never go out without it.” - Mai-lin Senf(1st & only professional female motorcycle stunt rider in Germany).

Order your motorcycle armor

Are you ready to wear your newly ordered motorcycle protective gear? We can’t wait to see your smile when you ride your bike again! The longsleeve jacket will be packed and send to you from anywhere in the world - right here from our office in Amsterdam.